2018 Showreel


Age UK Barnet is a promotional video for a local old age Charity.

Clay - Laura De Benedetti is the first in a series of short portraits of artists who use clay to express themselves. Featured at The Cinema Museum.

Tom is a video which advertised the last week of the ‘Designs on Britain’ exhibition at the Jewish Museum London

Bert is a Short Documentary about Bert Haanstra for the London Transport Museum

Falling is an unconventional love story in three parts. Featured at ‘Flicks Festival 2018’ at The Cinema Museum in London.

Resonate is a music video and live studio session recording for B-Croma - www.soundcloud.com/bcroma

Deep in Space and Time is a music video and live studio session recording for B-croma - www.soundcloud.com/bcroma

No Human is Illegal is a video I edited for the educational charity Migrants of Circumstance.

Snow Day is a video for Jewish Museum London’s social media channels

Shivers is a short film about mental health difficulties in young men. It was a finalist for Campus Movie Fest in 2014

The Clock is a short poetic video about ageing told through objects

Elizabeth is a short portrait of an incredible poet

Hidden stories is a 60 seconds look at the Jewish Museum London Archives

Future Generation is a behind the scenes (BTS) video for sticker productions

Judaica is a short film for the Jewish Museum London’s Judaica Research Project (JRP)

Drew is a video for Hub Workshop showing the making of an open source desk.